Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for fire alarm systems requiring a quick installation. These fire alarms require no cables installing between the panel and devices. This also means that the decoration within the building does not need to be affected during the installation process.

Radio / wireless fire alarm systems have been protecting buildings for over two decades, and with the vast improvement in radio technology in recent years, are now as reliable as wired fire alarm systems.

How do wireless fire alarm systems work?

There’s no prizes for guessing that a wireless fire alarm system has no wires. Instead, a radio signal is transmitted from the call points and smoke or heat detectors to the fire alarm control panel (the call point is the box on the wall where you can raise the alarm if you spot a fire).

From the point of view of anyone using a building fitted with a wireless system, it works in exactly the same way as a ‘normal’ hard-wired system – you spot a fire, you break a call point; a call point breaks, the alarm sounds.

There’s no special training required and you’re protected in exactly the same way.

The benefits of wireless fire alarm systems:

– As reliable as a wired system and tested to British and European standards
– Quick to install and can be fitted with minimum disruption to your business
– No need to shut down areas of the building or be open out of hours for the installation to take place
– No ugly cables or damage to your walls – the only cable is from the control panel to the mains power
– Can be easily installed in buildings where there is limited access e.g. due to high ceilings
– Layout is easily modified if something in your building changes e.g. you extend
– Will save you money on labour, making good, and decorating costs
– Will still work even if the power goes out as they are battery operated
– Can be used as a temporary system in locations where a wired one can’t be installed e.g. building sites
– Can be used to extend existing wired systems