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CAVIUS has created the Warning Flash for the Wireless Alarm Family range. The communication between the alarm devices and the remote is unique.

If an alarm occurs, the CAVIUS Warning Flash will activate and help you escape.

Remote control: test your alarms from a distance.
Remote pause function: in case of false alarms from cooking, smoke from your fireplace etc.
Emergency flashlight, that helps you find your way out.
Grab and go magnet: includes a metal wall hanger with double sided tape, for easy mounting.
USAGE Designed to alert with a rapid flashing warning light, vibration and buzzing when alarming and to remote control the CAVIUS Wireless Alarms Family.
Torch function to find escape routes at night.
BATTERY TYPE: 3 x DURACEL AAA batteries supplied with the Smart Remote.
INTERLINK FREQUENCY: 868MHZ RANGE Minimum 100m in open field as a receiver, and within short range to silence an alarm.
Range depends on the building materials and will need to be tested in each individual case.
LOW BATTERY INDICATION A short acoustic beep will sound to notify a low battery voltage.
INSTALLATION The body of the remote has a build-in magnet so that the remote can be installed on metal surfaces. A lanyard can also be added to the end of the product so the remote can hang from a hook.
FLASHLIGHT Alarm conditions is indicated by a stroboscopic flashlight. A normal flashlight can also be activated by pressing the side button. Flashlight will flash at 2 Hertz (2 times each second) to avoid photo sensitive epilepsy to be triggered.
PUSH BUTTON The Smart Remote is equipped with 3 switches: Sliding learn switch to connect to other alarms in the wireless family. Test/hush button at the end. Torch button on the side.